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Below are a list of links some people have added. If you'd like to list your link here, Click here. You may need to reload this page to see your link.

Description: PerlCoders is one of the biggest and best CGI supersites for site automation and traffic generation tools on the net. This is the Home to AVSMaker and many other great scripts!
BizDB Web Database CGI Scripts
Description: A simple, powerful, flexible, affordable and secured Flat File Database System with ADD, EDIT, DELETE, SEARCH, DISPLAY and IMAGE UPLOAD capabilities. Updates to database records can be password-protected on file or individual record level with complete Webmaster control. Definition of database fields and output layouts are Html templates based.
FormPAL CGI Builder
Description: Build custom CGI scripts for your forms with this easy-to-use utility. It builds and automatically installs forms and CGI scripts on your site. It supports sendmail, read/write file, cookie and many more action templates. Compatible with UNIX and NT web servers. 100% newbie-proof.
Description: Here you'll find links to some of the greatest CGI scripts on the web, created by some of the greatest CGI scripters.

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