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ivan velez
Description: I always run it weekly same as scan disk and disk Defragmenter I go to start, Programs, Accesories, System Tools and Disk Cleanup. 1)First Windows appears and asks:Select the Drive you want to clean up. By deffault it's ( C ) Calculating Sacanning: Old scanDisk on C Disk ( C ) But that's about all it does. It freezes there,nothing happens. If I touch CANCEL inside that windows, or hit the close symbol, the windows keeps there freezed. So I hit Ctr-Alt-Del an a new windows appears saying: Disk Cleanup [ not responding]Have tried about 10times. How can I fix this. Will I have to reinstall this program from my original Win 98 SE. How do I do that, if it is what you recommend. Thanks [email protected]
Description: User-friendly PC help website with thousands of free computing tips and FAQs!
Description: Bankoi.com is the specialized portal in tech services, oriented to IT professionals. We help those who deal every day with Windows and LINUX systems.
Barcodes FAQ
Description: Barcode and OCR FAQ from Azalea Software, Inc.
The PC Video Hardware FAQ
Description: This is a monthly posting containing a list of Frequently Asked Questions (and their answers) pertaining to video hardware for IBM PC clones.
SQL Server FAQ
Description: SQL Server FAQ, online resources, books online, articles, technical whitepapers. Includes Microsoft Access information.
FAQs for Microsoft FrontPage
Description: Listing of FAQs for Microsoft FrontPage
Microsoft FrontPage Answers to Common Newsgroup Questions
Description: Answers to common Microsoft FrontPage Client Newsgroup Questions.
PC Keyboard FAQ V1.00
Description: A very good list of Frequently Asked Questions for the PC Keyboard.

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