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Below are a list of links some people have added. If you'd like to list your link here, Click here. You may need to reload this page to see your link.

YORK - Webmaster Resource Membership Site
Description: Very large resource list for webmasters or anybody who would like to be a webmaster. This service is designed to save you time.
Description: Turkey/ANKARA based Computer/Hardware sales and representation company. Easy and ready links gives customers more info and knowledge about the PC World.
Tech Encyclopedia
Description: More than 13,000 definitions of computer terms and concepts. or get a random definition
Pablo Martín Gonzalez's Home Page
Description: Personal Home Page, electronics, computers, engineering, soccer, tennis, Argentina, and much more!!
Free Online Dictionary of Computing
Description: A very comprehensive collection of computer related terms.
TechTips Tech Jargon
Description: The Latest Computer Jargon and acronyms defined.

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