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Below are a list of links some people have added. If you'd like to list your link here, Click here. You may need to reload this page to see your link.

The Flashbios Site
Description: The place where you can fix your dead bios !!! BIOS-REPROGRAMMING AND NEW-BIOSCHIP SERVICE !!! Lot's of info about the BIOS. VERY CHEAP AND FAST WORLDWIDE SERVICE
Funk Music
Description: The most hardcore funk music sine the 1970's funk music rebellion. Virttuosos musicians. Hardcore funk bass, drums, guitar, and horns. Aint nothin' but a party, ya'll!!!
Description: Skulls, Fire, Beautiful women, Voodoo Funk
Year 2000 Consultants Ltd
Description: The definitive site for ANSWERS regarding YEAR2000 Compatibility and PC BIOS. Download our FREE Diagnostic Software, plus lots more useful info.

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