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Unitime Systems
3101 Iris Avenue, Suite 240
Boulder, CO 80301
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Sales: 414-785-9418
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A family of automated timekeeping products & services designed to solve management's timekeeping needs!

Unitime Systems offers a family of products and services to solve management's timekeeping needs. It's three timekeeping systems work with a number of popular timeclocks to collect employee punches and pass them to the host software.

Unitime (DOS) and Unitime for Windows (UFW) are PC-based time and attendance systems that collect employee punches at the clock, while uploading daily to the host PC-based software. An unlimited number of employees and timeclocks can be supported using either system. An optional Historian module is available to store information from prior pay periods. An optional Production Reporting module is also available (DOS version only), which tracks hours and dollars for up to two levels of production information. Both, Unitime and UFW are available in multi-user versions.

WinPunch (Windows based) is designed for businesses with several PC workstations at a single site,on a network. Employees clock in on their individual computers, updating a punch file on the network server. WinPunch creates a file to be posted into the Unitime Time & Attendance base system (DOS), where management reports can be run. Coming soon, WinPunch for Unitime for Windows.

PC Timeclock (DOS based) is a computer-based method for tracking employee punches that eliminates the need for a timeclock. One version of the software, PC Clock, allows employees to punch in on PC's at multiple locations with nightly polling instituted from the host computer. Another version, PC Punch, is designed for businesses with several PC workstations at a single site on a network. Both work with the Unitime time and attendance base system.


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