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About Us

About Us

PC-Help Online is continuously working on additional content to help you meet your computing needs.  We have accomplished a lot from our launch date, but still strive to bring you more.  A lot of ideas and hopes that we had when we first started this site have been reached.  So, here is a listing of more of our future plans for PC-Help Online:

  • Moving the whole site to a database to allow for rapid modification and additional content.
  • Pursue other computer users, try to get more users of alternate OSes or Computers.
  • Expand the discussion forums as demand increases to additional topics.
  • Allow for users to submit questions to a survey. (Example: Vote on a product and if it should be purchased)
  • Get advertising support of some sort, to help pay for the costs of maintaining this site.
  • If the above happens then a means by which to hire additional people to help with problem-solving or content.
  • A way for users to get help via a phone call.
  • A way for us to distribute the complete site via CDROM so that users can browse offline.
  • Add the ability to comparison shop on the site.

You can expect to find this list growing as we start receiving feedback from users and move away from the resources related to PC companies. If you have any ideas for PC-Help Online or were looking for information you couldn't find, please let us know in our Feedback form.

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