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About Us

Stickman Productions

The name Stickman Productions arose from the cruel and inhumane treatment of Jim Wilson while working over the summers at Six Flags over Mid-America. Certain individuals found it humorous to make fun of others weight or lack thereof, and so Jim was given the name stickman. When Jim Wilson found another sticklady (aka Dana Wilfong) they quickly became known as the "Stick Family."

Stickman Productions is a company created by Jim Wilson and Dana Wilfong through which we will build and maintain various web sites. Currently, there are two web sites created by Stickman Productions. These are PC-Help Online and Slackers Extreme. Both of these websites were created while we were attending college and should give you some idea of how we have progressed.

Slackers Extreme was the first web site to be created by Stickman Productions. It was created to represent the slackers of our generation, and was inspired by a small group of Jim and his friends as young slackers at work. It actually turned out to be a great place to visit if you were looking for odd and really cool links on the internet. This was where Jim taught himself HTML code and how to put together a web page.

As a computer engineering student and the girlfriend of a computer engineering student, we noticed that we were getting a lot of requests from friends, neighbors, and acquaintances for computer assistance. PC-Help Online was created as we noticed a need on the internet for a centralized location where people could solve their own computer problems. What began as a list of computer companies has evolved into the site you see now as PC-Help Online.

Jim Wilson and Dana Wilfong:

Jim Wilson is the guy with the computer skills and is wholly responsible for building PC-Help Online and Slackers Extreme. Jim and Dana have been dating for nearly eight years and so some of what you see here has been a collaborative mixing of ideas. To learn more about us as individuals, see our individual pages, which include our individual resumes and plans.

A Special Thanks

The making of PC-Help Online would not have been possible without the help of a few good friends. We would like to thank Jay Saunders, a computer programmer and entrepreneur, for all of his advice and for creating dB Web Builder & dB Page Builder, which will be of immense help in organizing all of this information. We would also like to thank Farid Nedjam, a graphic artist, for the PC-Help logo. And finally thanks to Rich and Nancy Wilfong and Dan Ward for being the most frequent visitors to the site as it was being built.

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