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Jim Wilson [ My Resume ]

My goal for the future is for PC-Help Online to become the main source of information related to the PC on the net. This is a lofty goal but I feel that it is also very achievable. With a lot of work and not much sleep we might just do that. Of course, it wouldn't hurt to turn a buck or two either. Well, okay maybe three.

The net is a really big place with a lot of information, the problem is locating the information you need. How many times have you had someone tell you about a nifty website that you had never been to? Hopefully, we can provide a lot of those nifty places people stumble upon in one-place. I also feel that it is very important to organize the pages so that it is as simple to find the information as possible. This is the problem that I have found with other sites that index information. It takes too much time to get the information you want. The problem with this is that by working on this day and night you tend not to notice problems that are right under your nose. If you happen upon something that you think could be done better, please let me know.

In the near future, I plan on putting up my own experiences with HTML development so that others struggling with the same things can maybe learn something from this road I have traveled.

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