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We love all the kind words everyone has been giving us and we would like to share some of them with you.

"As a professional network administrator I don't have the time to go track down every home page and driver for every piece of hardware and software that we use at my company. Having these resources clearly defined and easily accessible through this site has saved me many man-hours of searching on the internet. There's nothing else like this on the net! KUDOS to PC-Help Online!"

"What a pleasure on how fast your pages load, a nice balance between graphics and information"

"The tutorial looks great and it is really refreshing to have someone respond so quickly and be so helpful. I think you are on to something and will spread the word about your site."

"THANKS a million, your information helped me tremendously, again my PC boots-up flawlessly. It is your kind of info and sites like this that makes COMPUTERING a pleasure. Again thanks"

"I appreciate you taking the time to help with my problem."

"I couldn't find the computer company doing a Yahoo search, but your site had the information I needed."

"Thanks for your PC-Help Online. I'm sure I will be referring to your page often. Also, I have put a link to it on my page. Thanks again for your hard work."

"Just thought I'd drop a line to tell you I think your website is fantastic. I love the design and it's really useful! Keep up the good work."

"I really enjoyed PC-Help Online. You're offering a very useful service for PC users."

"Great job, good content and presentation and nice graphics plus easy to navigate. A positive contribution to the Web."

"You have a great site!"

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