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If you would like to hire a creative and professional team to put together your website, contact us. We have experience putting together exceptionally large sites and no site is to small. PC-Help Online is an extremely large site that uses a database to keep up to date. Want to bring your legacy database to the web, let us give you some help!

Here are some of our qualifications:

Bullet-1.gif (1649 bytes) Extensive Database Experience
Bullet-1.gif (1649 bytes) SQL / ODBC
Bullet-1.gif (1649 bytes) Active Server Pages
Bullet-1.gif (1649 bytes) CGI Databases
Bullet-1.gif (1649 bytes) Internet Database Connector
Bullet-1.gif (1649 bytes) Extensive Frontpage Experience
Bullet-1.gif (1649 bytes) CGI Programming and Installation
Bullet-1.gif (1649 bytes) ActiveX
Bullet-1.gif (1649 bytes) Java and JavaScript
Bullet-1.gif (1649 bytes) Promotion / Search Engine Submission
Bullet-1.gif (1649 bytes) Graphic Work

We have been around when the web was first coming into its own so we have a knowledge of all the current trends and can help get your site noticed. The internet is a great place to get your idea or product out there for the world to see, we would love to help you accomplish just that.

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