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Here are the necessary links to take you sites that have Java or JavaScript related content. Click Here to see user submitted sites for this area.

Apple-flavored Java
Description: Apple Flavored Java is dedicated to the Java language on Macintosh computers. It contains applets, source code, resources, links, software, in-depth tutorials, and an interactive discussion area. The site is updated daily with the latest news.
Brewing Java: A Tutorial
Description: This tutorial has grown into a book called The Java Developer's Resource.
Caffeine Connection
Description: The source for Java applets, information, and opportunities.
Club Java
Description: Lots of resources here, including: tutorials, list of books, user groups/mailing lists.
Cut-N-Paste Javascript
Description: A great place to get FREE javascript. You just read the description then copy the code and paste it into your HTML documents.
Description: The Official Directory for Java.
Introduction to JavaScript
Description: A tutorial on JavaScript, also available in book form.
Description: Provides ratings for applets written in Java and other java news.
Java Resource Center
Description: Reference guide and news related to Java.
JavaScript Authoring Guide
Description: Netscape's guide to the JavaScript language.
Description: Sun's news and information on Java.
Description: JavaWorld magazine - IDG's magazine for the Java community of developers, managers, and enthusiasts. Hands-on, how-to features and columns by Java experts; news; Java applets; sample code; tips.
Microsoft on Java
Description: Microsoft pages devoted to Java.
The Java Boutique
Description: The Java Boutique is a resource for Internet users that would like to add Java Applets to their own Web sites. It currently houses more than 100 working Applets, along with instructions for downloading and including them in other Web pages.

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