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Here are the necessary links to take to sites with information on the Year2000 bug issue. Click Here to see user submitted sites for this area.

Com.Links Magazine
Description: Com.Links Magazine is the world's leading management e-zine on Year 2000 solutions. Read by over 100,000 a month it covers, issues, financial, legal and all aspects of Year 2000 News.
Information Management Forum's Year 2000 Discussion Group
Description: The Year 2000 Group is an Information Management Forum program comprised of organizations desiring to collaborate on Year 2000 issues. Project planning and organization, awareness programs, vendor issues, compliance standards and validation, and test planning are among the subject areas being explored.
The hourglass
Description: The Hourglass is a European Information Exchange Structure which aims to give European IT Departments a greater chance to face two major challenges: Transmillennium Compliance Process and European Currency Normalization.
The Year 2000 FAQ
Description: Frequently Asked Questions about the Year 2000 computer crisis.
The Year 2000 Information Center
Description: The Year 2000 Information Center provides a forum for disseminating information about the year 2000 problem and for the discussion of possible solutions.
Y2K Resource Links
Description: Over 150 links relating to the Year 2000 bug.
Year 2000
Description: News and information on the Year 2000 problem by Computerworld.
Year 2000 Date Problem - Support Centre
Description: This site covers matters to make your computer systems achieve Year 2000 compliance to protect your company or organisation into the next century.
Year2000 Information Network
Description: A VENDOR NEUTRAL membership driven organization dedicated exclusively to helping IT decision makers research, report on and/or manage the Year2000 computer problem.
Year 2000 Technical Support Center
Description: IBM's Year 2000 Technical Support Center offers help, advice, and information to customers about Year 2000 transition.
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