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Here are the necessary links to take you to sites with content relating to ISDN. Click Here to see user submitted sites for this area.

Broadcast ISDN User Guide & Directory
Description: This site has links to various ISDN resources, including historical information, user groups, news, and telecom information.
Dan Kegel's ISDN Page
Description: This page is mostly a collection of pointers to WWW and FTP documents on other servers.
Digital Velocity ISDN BBS
Description: Northern Telecom created the Digital Velocity Bulletin Board to support ISDN users via conferences and bulletins. The board has expanded to include more information on ISDN.
High Bandwidth Web Page
Description: This site contains links to sites, articles, and other resources relating to high speed access to the net.
ISDN & B-ISDN Information
Description: A document detailing the technologies of ISDN and B-ISDN.
ISDN Forum
Description: A message board that discusses ISDN.
ISDN Infocentre
Description: ISDN Knowledgebase and Centralized Source for ISDN information for the beginer or advanced ISDN user.
ISDN Users Guide
Description: A Pacific Bell document some sections include: ISDN fundamentals, use in applications,and types of services and connections.
Description: A World Wide Web ISDN-specific online information service. Place to stop when examining ISDN products and services.
National ISDN Council
Description: The National ISDN Council was formed to support the development of ISDN services that require network connectivity, compatibility and integrity on a nationwide basis, and for which uniformity of operation is necessary from the customer's viewpoint to render the service usable on an efficient basis.
North American ISDN Users' Forum
Description: The purpose of the NIUF is to create a strong user voice in the implementation of ISDN applications.
The ISDN NewsGroup FAQ
Description: These questions and answers have (almost entirely) been extracted from comp.dcom.isdn.
The Macintosh ISDN FAQ
Description: This document is for Macintosh users who are thinking about upgrading to ISDN, have heard about some of the popular products, but are unsure about using it with their Macintosh. It will not go into some of the details of ISDN that are covered in more depth elsewhere.
Newsgroup: comp.dcom.isdn

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