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Mailing List: CGI Perl
Description: A mailing list for people interested in using perl to write CGI scripts. To subscribe send a message with the word "info" in the body to [email protected] for more information.
Mailing List: dbi-announce
Description: DBI-related Announcements. If you're interested in knowing about new versions of DBI software, new URLs with information about DBI, and that sort of thing, you should subscribe to this list.
Mailing List: dbi-users
Description: Discussions among DBI users. This is a good place to discuss problems that you are having setting up the DBI to run on your machine, or getting it to do what you want.
Mailing List: dbi-dev
Description: Discussions among DBI/DBD implementors. You probably don't need to be on this list unless you are writing C code to interface Perl to some database.
Mailing List: libwww-perl
Description: libwww-perl is a library of Perl packages/modules which provides a simple and consistent programming interface to the World Wide Web. To subscribe send a message to [email protected]. An archive of this mailing list is also available here.
Mailing List: MacPerl
Description: Discussion related to Perl on Mac. To subscribe send a message to [email protected].
Mailing List: MakeMaker
Description: Discussion related to using ExtUtils::MakeMaker.pm to build and install perl5 extensions. To subscribe send a message to [email protected] with "subscribe makemaker <your email address>"
Mailing List: NTPerl
Description: This list is used to discuss issues involving Windows NT and Perl 5. To subscribe send a message to [email protected] with "subscribe ntperl <your email address>"
Mailing List: Perl5-Porters
Description: For discussion of perl5 design and porting issues. In theory, people porting perl to other platforms. To subscribe send a message to [email protected] with "subscribe perl5-porters <your email address>"
Mailing List: perl-packrats
Description: Discussion related to archiving of perl materials, particularly the Comprehensive Perl Archive Network. To subscribe send a message to [email protected] with "subscribe perl-packrats <your email address>"
Mailing List: perltk
Description: People working on and with the Tk modules in Perl. To subscribe send a message to [email protected] with subscribe perltk <your email address>"
Mailing List: Perl-Win32-Users
Description: To subscribe send a message to [email protected] with "subscribe Perl-Win32-Users"

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