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Here are the necessary links to take you to sites with content relating to the AS/400 system. Click Here to see user submitted sites for this area.

AIXcellence Magazine
Description: The RISC System / 6000 Magazine.
AIXpert Magazine
Description: IBM's magazine for AIX developers.
Description: IBM's magazine for AIX / UNIX professionals.
AS/400 Magazine
Description: IBM's magazine for AS/400 professionals.
AS/400 Online Library
Description: The contents of the AS/400 Softcopy Library CD-ROMs are now available on the World Wide Web.
AS/400 Systems Hotlink 400
Description: This site will connect you to all the news and product information you need to run your AS/400 system.
Common Online
Description: COMMON, the world's largest IBM users group, provides education, training and solutions for IT professionals who use AS/400, RS/6000, Advanced 36, System/36 and Personal Computer technology.
Description: A magazine for professionals actively working in information systems management.
IBM AS/400 Homepage
Description: IBM's homepage of information and resources on AS/400.
Introduction to the AS/400
Description: An Introductory Reference to the IBM AS/400.
Midrange Computing
Description: The world's premier AS/400 education and training company.
Midrange Navigator
Description: A list of links to many AS/400 and RPG sites.
Midrange Systems Magazine
Description: MIDRANGE Systems is the IBM midrange market's only newspaper. Published 18 times annually, it is mailed to over 60,000 BPA audited decision makers to learn about the latest news and information affecting users of IBM's AS/400 and RS/6000 computer lines.
Description: A magazine for AS/400 professionals.
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Newsgroup: news:comp.sys.ibm.sys3x.misc
Newsgroup: news:comp.unix.aix

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