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Here are the necessary links to take you to sites with information on Computer Viruses. Click Here to see user submitted sites for this area.

Anti-Virus Consultancy
Description: Within these pages you will finda very comprehensive List of Anti-Virus Sites.
Anti-Virus Thunderbyte
Description: ThunderBYTE Anti-Virus Utilities is anti-virus computer software. Created in Europe to combat the growing threat of intelligent and sophisticated viruses around the world, these utilities offer an enhanced level of anti-virus protection at speeds that are unsurpassed in the PC arena.
AntiVirus Center
Description: An online source of computer virus information.
AntiVirus Resources
Description: Your 'first-aid' URL for computer virus protection and disinfection. Resources include: Recommended virus protection software, Email notices of new antivirus software versions & signature files, Online virus attack reporting with results instantly sent to antivirus developers/researchers worldwide. Assistance is usually offered to those who request it. Virus descriptions research papers myths.
Computer Viruses and Security
Description: This document is an introduction to computer viruses.
Computer Virus Myths
Description: Information about computer virus myths, hoaxes, and urban legends.
Data Fellows
Description: The F-Prot anti-virus toolkit to protect information from viruses.
DataRescue Online AV Database
Description: AVP is an advanced anti-virus scanner and disinfector based on a powerful and innovative architecture. Its comprehensive on-line help contains a extensive virus encyclopedia that is offered to you on-line.
Dr Solomon's On-Line
Description: A computer virus and IT security issues information center with support and resources for users of the Dr Solomon's anti-virus and security product range.
Description: Information and resources about computer viruses.
Symantec AntiVirus Research Center
Description: SARC is committed to providing swift, global responses to computer virus threats, proactively researching and developing technologies that eliminate such threats and educating the public on safe computing practices.
Virus Bulletin
Description: The Virus Bulletin home page. Virus Bulletin is the technical journal on developments in the field of computer viruses and anti-virus products.
Virus Help and Information
Description: This site has information in the following areas: Virus Hoaxes and Mythology, Top Ten Virus Questions, PC Virus Encyclopedias on the Web, Web sites for Macintosh Users, Virus Emergency Room, and a VirusHelp Mailing List.
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