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Here are the necessary links to take you to sites with content relating to the Client-Server architecture. Click Here to see user submitted sites for this area.

Client/Server FAQ
Description: A list of commonly asked questions in comp.client-server.
DBMS Buyer's Guide
Description: Software tools used to specify and design databases, applications, object-oriented models, and business processes. Most use a graphical modeling surface along with a metadata repository.
DBMS Magazine
Description: A magazine with tools and strategies for IS professionals.
Information Systems Meta-List
Description: This list is an attempt to provide a comprehensive set of pointers to information systems resources on the Internet. Though you may find general computer information here, the intent of this list is to meet the needs of professional information systems people looking for answers to technology problems.
The Client-Server Computing Page
Description: An information hub to advance the knowledge and success of client-server computing. Vast information on client-server computing.
The Client Server Group
Description: The Client Server Group is a special interest group of the British Computer Society, dedicated to the dissemination of information regarding client server development.
Newsgroup: comp.client-server

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