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Here are the necessary links to take you to sites with content relevant to Network Management, including SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) and CMIP (Common Management Information Protocol). Click Here to see user submitted sites for this area.

Interactive Network Design Manual
Description: This manual is a set of essays aimed at helping network professionals successfully design and troubleshoot computer networks.
Network Management
Description: This server functions as the archive base for comp.dcom.net-management, as well as for a place to bring together references to other applications and servers. In addition, this site acts as a mirror site for applications, utilities and FAQs pertinent to Network Management.
Network Management Forum
Description: NMF is a non-profit, global consortium providing the communications industry with a forum for developing open, integrated solutions for service and network management.
Network Professional Association
Description: The Atlanta Chapter of the Network Professional Associaton’s (NPA) World Wide Web Site. From this document, you can access a variety of useful information about the the Atlanta Chapter of the NPA, our Upcoming Events and our Association. You can also jump to useful Web sites related to the Networking Profession and find out more information about our Local and National Sponsors.
Simple Network Management Protocol
Description: This document discusses two versions of SNMP: Version 1.0, which was the initial version of SNMP, and Version 2.0, which incorporates security features as well as improvements in protocol operations and management architecture.
Simple Network Management Protocol
Description: A document that discusses the background and technology of SNMP.
Description: A listing of Usenet Frequently Asked Questions for the newsgroup comp.protocols.snmp.
Description: The purpose of this page is to provide the casual user with an introduction to SNMP, and the more experienced user a good description of other management protocols and how SNMP can be easily explained to newbies to the field.
The Simple Web
Description: This document, called the "SimpleWeb", provides links and information on network management. Although the SimpleWeb focusses on Internet management, it will also be useful for people interested in other management technologies.
Upgrading and Repairing Networks
Description: Upgrading and Repairing Networks - Online Version, The complete text of this 1000 page book is online here.
Newsgroup: comp.dcom.net-management
Newsgroup: comp.protocols.snmp
Newsgroup: info.snmp

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