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Here are the necessary links to take you sites that have Multiplayer Action types of games. Click Here to see user submitted sites for this area. Note: Alpha or Beta denotes a game still in testing; It also means, most likely, that the game is free during this time.

Battletech: Solaris ($$$)
Description: Be good or be scrap metal. Climb into a 100-ton BattleMechTM and rampage through Solaris, the warrior's paradise. MultiPlayer BattleTech pits you against other MechWarriors, in real-time, in a test of speed, agility, and firepower.
Castle Infinity ($$$)
Description: Castle Infinity, the last refuge of the only remaining dinosaurs, has been invaded by monsters! Team up with thousands of players from around the world to rid the castle of these odious heaps of steaming gludge!
Claw (ALPHA)
Description: Claw is a up-to-64-player, internet capable, arcade-style action adventure game for the PC!
Chain of Command (DEVELOPMENT)
Description: This is a multi-player game in which the players command fireteams (four men) in either the US or German armies, fighting over the hedgerows and hamlets of the Normandy bocage.
Crush (DEMO)
Description: Crush! is an exciting turn based strategy sports game of mayhem and carnage set far into the future. Eight different alien life forms battle humans thrugh labyrinth-like arenas in a frantic search for the B.A.L.L. (Bionic, Augmented, Lower Life-form). The first team to find the B.A.L.L. and reach the goal wins! If your idea of fun is bone crunching checks and raging battles for possession then look no further.
Minion Hunter ($$$)
Description: To root out and destroy the dark Minions before the country falls into their hands.
Description: Grand Prix Racers, Stock Cars, Super Truck Racing Head-to-Head Gameplay for up to 16 Players.
Outlaw Racers (DEVELOPMENT)
Description: All the twists and turns that separate commuters from the Outlaw Racer!! Now it's time to cross that line. Put your money where your mouth is and get in the toughest race of your life. No pit crews, no closed circuit tracks, no adoring fans in the grandstands. Not today buddy old pal. Today you are in the unsanctioned Mother of all road rallies. Each stage pits you against other racers, where driving faster than the other guy is only the start of your worries.
Description: POD takes you on a powerful whiplash race through a rapidly decomposing planet. This is your last competition, and the goal is simple: Win or die. All the racers are in the same position as you, so don't expect any help from them. The roads are treacherous, and torn apart beyond repair. The environment is hostile, and you and your opponents are on the same mission: to survive.
Subspace (BETA)
Description: Visually, the game is a top-down view space shooter. The expansive high-resolution playing field is made up of various obstacles, power-ups and safe zones. Players maneuver through space collecting power-ups that will increase their ship's fire power, armament, maneuverability and special weapons. Points are scored for collecting power-ups and destroying opponents.
Tanarus (BETA)
Description: A muliplayer tank simulation game from Sony.
The Paintball Network (FREE)
Description: Paintball NET is a multi-player, real time, Internet-based game.
In Paintball NET you go HEAD-TO-HEAD with other LIVE PEOPLE and watch them EAT PAINT! Even if you have never slammed home a CO2 cartridge and taken aim through the underbrush, you can experience the thrill ofAmerica's favorite outdoor sport: Paintball!
Valhalla (BETA)
Description: When you're ready for a real Fighting Game, Valhalla; Murder, Mayhem, and Mass Destruction.

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