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Here are the necessary links to take you sites that have Multiplayer Role Playing types of games. Click Here to see user submitted sites for this area. Note: Alpha or Beta denotes a game still in testing; It also means, most likely, that the game is free during this time.

Azaria (BETA)
Description: Azaria is a small, inhabited moon of a distant planet that is wrapped in ancient traditions and mysticism. Players join one of Azaria cultures when they begin the game and then develop a character as they continue to explore the moon's secrets. Azaria features a 3-D world where players have a full 360 degree view of their surroundings. Players will gather resources, solve group puzzles, excavate ancient ruins and cast spells on one another. Interacting with a virtual hand, players will see themselves among hundreds of other players in the Internet.
AD&D DARK SUN: Crimson Sands ($$$)
Description: Disorder reigns in Tyr, mocking its empty throne. Two factions vie for control of the troubled, leaderless city. Secrets murmur all around you. Entering AD&D DARK SUN: Crimson Sands, you join hundreds of other players in a quest for glory in the midst of this political struggle. Be human, elf, dwarf or one of five other races; join a band of thieves or a mystic order of clerics (there is safety in numbers); take part in perilous quests; and converse over TEN with other players from near and far. The world is large, the story is deep, and your character is what you make of it.
Core Confederation (ALPHA)
Description: Core Confederation is a comprehensive new space game project that encompasses gameplay diversity and consistancy in a way never before accomplished. If you ever wished that you could actually communicate person-to-person with the captain of that other ship, or have some real bartering with the port authority, or felt the need to explore a galaxy as big as reality, in all of its wonder, all the while discovering new places, meeting people and engaging in competition that only true multiplayer action can provide, then Core Confederation is your game.
Description: Diablo invites you to enter a world of dark gothic fantasy. Play as a brave Warrior, cunning Rogue, or mysterious Sorcerer. As you venture deeper into the labyrinth, you'll discover weapons, armor, and magical treasures, and develop your character's skills and abilities. You might also want to bring a friend or two to help.
Empiriana ($$$)
Description: Empiriana offers Internet gamers a turn-based role-playing adventure. With an on-going storyline, a dynamic gaming engine, and other players from around the world to talk with, Empiriana offers some of the best medieval role-playing entertainment available on the Internet.
Ethereal (BETA)
Description: Home of Ethereal, a graphical, three-dimensional (3D) multi-user role-playing game for the Internet.
Furcadia (FREE)
Description: FURCADIA! is the magical world where the Beasts have learned to walk upon two legs and speak. FURCADIA! is the multiplayer online game with 3D rendered animated graphics, magnificent music, whimsical games, a friendly atmosphere, and an exciting setting for roleplaying and adventure.
Illusia: Quest for the Eternals (ALPHA)
Description: Illusia is a multiplayer graphical world that is in the Alpha stages. Excellent graphics, animation and sound capabilities combined with the detailed flexibility of today's top text based games make Illusia the prime transitional game for avid MUD and role players. Whether you're a power, role, or pk player, you'll find a welcome home in the richly detailed world of Illusia: Quest for the Eternals.
Lords of Empyria (FREE)
Description: A world where King Arthur still lives. Where dragons fly. Where skeletons dance and spiders jiggle. Where the unexpected lies behind every closed door, every unexplored room, every hidden nook and cranny.
Meridian 59 (COMMERCIAL)
Description: Meridian 59 is a 3D world filled with fierce creatures, awesome magic, and spine tingling face-to-face encounters with thousands of other human adventurers. Meet and converse with thousands of players on-line. Explore a richly textured 3D world filled with ancient cities, sunlit forests, dark caverns and mysterious temples. Do battle with fierce creatures and other players in real time combat. Delve deep into the art of sorcery with more than 50 magic spells. Join a guild or create your own with rank, privileges, and private guild halls. Create a personalized avatar from thousands of possible combinations.
Phoenix Armada (BETA)
Description: The Phoenix Armada is a real-time 3D action/adventure game being created by AlterNet Realities, that will be playable exclusively over the Internet. Thousands will be able to simultaneously log on and enter this world as they interact with the Phoenix Armada environment and each other. The world exists on an apocalyptic fleet of ships traveling through deep space.
Quest for Glory 5 (DEVELOPMENT)
Description: A three dimensional world with scrolling scenes and changing perspectives. Three dimensional characters rendered in 'real-time' like nothing you've ever seen before! Self-tuning difficulty and hint levels make Quest For Glory a challenge to whoever plays!
Rubies of Eventide ($$$)
Description: A complex world filled with creatures both beautiful and terrible. Keep your wits about you, and watch your back. If you are careful, you and your companions might just survive long enough for another drink at Big Rocs' Cafe.
Sarnath (BETA)
Description: Sarnath Software's goal was to create a platform for online role-playing that could accommodate any pen and paper role-playing system in the world.
The Awakening Project (BETA)
Description: Real time 3D first person perspective and everything will be 3D rendered. It is completely designed for online play with thousands of other players. Hundreds of Monsters, items, spells, etc. So far there are 8 character races, and 6 classes. Everything in the game is "touchable" blow up buildings, trees, cows, etc. Characters with enough money will be able to design their own weapons/armor/etc. You will be able to Build houses and castles, and even rule your own town. There will be forms of transportation other than just your feet. There will be almost unlimited places to visit in the game.  The preliminary world takes 3 real days to get from one side to the other. You will be able to own stores. There will be excessively high level monsters that will take 500 people to kill, , Each town will have it's own system of laws, Low level characters will be protected from higher level characters.
The Kingdom of Drakkar (BETA)
Description: Explore, trade, battle and adventure alongside players from all over the world. Become a paladin, martial artist, thief or one of many other character classes. Each has its own abilities and advantages. As the lands unfold, you must develop your skills and abilities, gain wealth and power, and acquire magical knowledge that will enable you to withstand the challenges ahead. Solve this fantasy land's many puzzles, as you explore the dangerous and exciting Kingdom of Drakkar.
The Odessey (PRE-ALPHA)
Description: It's by no means complete, but some of the basics are working. You can walk around an online world, chat with other players, fight monsters, or challenge others to a duel. As of now The Odyssey is still in its Pre-Alpha phase, but there's still plenty to come check out.
Description: The Realm is an ever-evolving online world of monsters, magic, and medieval society. Discover the future of interactive adventure games, and explore a new world of quests and companionship with thousands of players from across the world.
Tsunami Realms (ALPHA)
Description: Tsunami Realms is a scrolling graphical MUD that is played over the Internet. Hundreds of users can connect simultaneously, exploring the vast worlds, solving quest and advancing in power and rank. Players who obtain wizard level are able to create their own world and rule over their own domain .
Twilight Lands (BETA)
Description: If an appetizing mix of magic, monsters and brain-teasing puzzles is your cup of tea, Twilight Lands is the place for you. Make friends, go on daring quests and discover whether your reward will be lined with gold or stained with blood. The massive 3D play area is constantly enlarged ensuring this is a real-time, non-linear, evolving world with new quests and campaigns appearing all the time. Also Available on: The TEN Network.
Ultima Online (BETA)
Description: The best-selling role-playing series of all time makes its multi-player debut in Ultima Online. This revolutionary product allows literally thousands of people to exist simultaneously in the same fantasy game world over the Internet.
Underlight (PRE-ALPHA)
Description: Underlight is a mass-multiplayer Internet-only role playing game. Though it uses a real time, first person graphics engine, Underlight is not a "twitch" game like Quake. The game focus is on role playing, not fragging your opponent. Combat is fast and fluid when necessary, but represents only a small fraction of possible gameplay.
Unearthed (ALPHA)
Description: Unearthed is an interactive fantasy world that allows you to see and interact with people from around the world in real time. Unearthed is a Java applet so all that you need to run it is a Java enabled web browser such as Netscape 2.02 or higher.
World of Avalia (BETA)
Description: It is a dynamic system that incorporates the best of traditional pen and paper role-playing games, the rich flavor of live-action, and other interactive role-playing forms with the interactivity and ease of play of a computerized world and resolution system.
Xenith Gold (FREE)
Description: Xenith gold is an online RPG after giving up on Xenith Classic and Dungeons of Fanaria. It is currently free for testing and open to all people.

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