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Here are the necessary links to take you sites that have Multiplayer Naval types of games. Click Here to see user submitted sites for this area. Note: Alpha or Beta denotes a game still in testing; It also means, most likely, that the game is free during this time.

Iron Wolves (BETA)
Description: Iron Wolves is a graphical 3D multiplayer real-time WWII Submarine simulator. Iron Wolves is a constantly developing naval sim in which you will be are to command a U-Boat, Corvette, Tanker, or even a Destroyer! Iron Wolves is quick to learn and fun to play.
Harpoon Online ($$$)
Description: Man your battle stations. The enemy fleet lurks hidden in the windswept sea. Harpoon Online puts you in command of a deadly array of modern naval and air power. Play now and try to control the world's oceans in this online naval war strategy game.
Submarine Titans (DEVELOPMENT)
Description: The exodus of humanity underseas and discovery of a new strategically important mineral, Corium 276, brought about a new geopolitical situation on the planet. Control over exploitation of Corium 276 would give the controlling side the possibility to control others. Ocean depths became the arena for unmerciful battles for the control over Corium 276, and control of the planet.
The S.A.R.A.C. Project (DEVELOPMENT)
Description: The SARAC Project is a multiplayer game based around the economic and political machinations of several undersea colonies located on the planet Amun. You're affiliated with the city of Passage and have been hired by COMSET (Colonial Municipal Settlement) Resources to lay mines in a hostile sector. On your way you are intercepted by an enemy convoy. Do you stand and fight or complete the contract and get paid? Work with and against thousands of other sub pilots as you accept more complicated and dangerous contracts, amass personal wealth and experience and perhaps eventually begin your own undersea colony.

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