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Here are the necessary links to take you sites that have Multiplayer Strategy types of games. Click Here to see user submitted sites for this area. Note: Alpha or Beta denotes a game still in testing; It also means, most likely, that the game is free during this time.

Admiral Ancient Ships (DEMO)
Description: This fantasy game will allow you to command navies that consist of ancient ships to fight not only with enemy ships, but also with creatures that we know from ancient myths. Play against the computer or against up to 3 other human players over a LAN or the Internet. An integrated Scenario Editor lets you customize the game to your own liking.
Admiral Sea Battles ($$$)
Description: Play the computer or a friend in this game of Naval conquest. Choose from eleven sailing vessels ranging from the tiny, fast Galley to the huge, cumbersome (but powerful) triple-decked Battleship. Watch as you fire upon your enemies, destroy their ships, e liminate their forts, and accomplish you final objectives.
Alliance and Defiance ($$$)
Description: You are the absolute ruler of A Major European Power. But this is not enough. You want to be the absolute ruler of THE Major European Power.
Alpha-Omega (BETA)
Description: Alpha-Omega is a Windows-95 based multi-player Space Adventure game. Discover, explore and exploit any of the more than 30,000 planets, 10,000 trading posts and other objects in a one million sector universe. Each game will played in real-time and last sixty days. Players may interact via ship-to-ship communications, linked webpages, and as Guild members. Designed as a strategy game, Alpha-Omega is not a high-performance graphics "shooter".
Armagedon (FREE)
Description: ARMAGEDDON is a multiplayer strategy war game in Java. It sports a fully graphical interface including a strategic overview map; allowing you to raise armies, deploy troops, coordinate infrastructure and engage the enemy with point and click ease.
Battlecity (BETA)
Description: Battlecity is a futuristic online action game. The game takes place in a futuristic place, where cities are fighting each other for world domination. But who really cares about that. The point of the game is to build cities, protect it from enemies, and kill the other players with your shooting weapons or with the help of an orb. You gain points for each player you kill, and each city you orb.
Dark Reign (BETA)
Description: The Future of War is a multiplayer, real-time action/strategy game that plays like a 3D combat simulation. Combining the best features of
current best-selling strategy games with never-before-seen options and player-controllable artificial intelligence, Dark Reign delivers an unprecedented gaming experience.
Castles II ($$$)
Description: Castles II: Siege & Conquest is a challenging journey of medieval diplomacy, treachery, and power. To win, you must scout surrounding territories, recruit soldiers, defeat native militias, forge diplomatic alliances and gain control of the land by winning bloody battles and erecting castles that can withstand enemy attacks.
Earth 2025 (FREE)
Description: Earth is an empire based game of strategy and thought. As leader of a newly founded country, your goal is to ultimately become supreme to all others. Using everything from diplomacy to war, you must strive to build an empire both economically and militarily superior to all others.
Electronic Knockout (FREE)
Description: Electronic Knock Out, or "EKO", is a boxing simulation game run over the Internet. You create fictional fighters and manage their careers.
Empire Builder ($$$)
Description: Tycoons built their empires out of railroads. You too can capture the entrepreneurial spirit of Americawhile reaping the rewards of cutthroat finance as you build your empire. You and up to five other tycoons are locked in a power struggle that spans the continent. Build rail lines, haul loads between cities, but watch out because disasters are always just around the corner!
Entrepreneur ($$$)
Description: You are a budding entrepreneur in a new urban development. Choose to play one of five entrepreneurial classes: real-estate, industry, commerce, banking, or the local city council. The cityscape is divided into zones, and each zone can have one kind of development - commercial, residential, industrial, a bank, a political party HQ, a town hall, or roads. Political parties vie for control of boroughs - groups of zones. You set the prices for exchange. And you negotiate deals with the other players.
Imperium ($$$)
Description: Imperium is an interstellar war game set several hundred years in the future. A future that will witness Terrans reaching for the stars, only to find themselves infringing upon the vast sprawl of the Grand Empire of Stars, the Ziru Sirka, known to all as the Imperium. The heavy hand of the Imperium and the expansionist Terran policies bring the two powers inexorably to interstellar war. This is a game of that conflict. One player assumes the role of the Terrans, the other, the Imperium. Each may move forces to strategic positions, attack the enemy and invade enemy-held outposts and worlds.
Junta ($$$)
Description: Junta is a game of power, intrigue, money and revolution. In this humorous satire, you and up to six players play the part of wealthy families vying for government control, while attempting to siphon foreign aid into their own bank accounts.
Market Garden ($$$)
Description: In this graphic adaptation of the classic two-player GDW board game based on the largest airborne operation in history, surprise and deception are paramount. You and your opposing commanding general plot strategy, probe enemy positions, and strive to seize the initiative. Pieced together estimates of the enemy strengths and intentions assume historical importance. Players can take on the roles of generals preparing to direct their troops on the most important mission of their career.
Megacorps (BETA)
Description: MEGACORPS turn-based play allows you to be a key player without endless hours of screen-stare...or go hardcore and become a major character in an ever-changing, player-built universe of possibilities! No turn-based strategy game has ever been on this big of a scale, with this cool of graphics! Do you have what it takes to rule a universe?
Description: Fortifications bristle at the island's edge, waiting for the next attack. Players construct armies and navies of fantastic creatures to battle one another.
Over the Reich ($$$)
Description: Over the Reich is a strategy and role-playing game of air combat over Germany during World War 2, 1943-1945, when supercharged fighter planes and 20-millimeter cannon ruled the skies. You are the commander of a fighter squadron during the peak of the air war over Europe, serving your choice of U.S. Army Air Force, Royal Air Force, or German Luftwaffe.
Pyrosaurus ($$$)
Description: Build and train a team of vicious, fire-breathing predators. Send them into battle against teams built by other players! The competition is fierce & personal, only the strong will survive.
Stellar Crisis (FREE)
Description: The object is to build up an empire, make alliances when you need to, and go out and conquer. In many ways, the game is similar to Parker Brother's RISK except on a galactic scale. There's the added twist of diplomacy.
Solar Vengeance (FREE)
Description: Solar Vengeance is better than ever ... because its now a realtime strategy game! Your StarSystems continually produce Resources, your fleets move and attack, all in realtime! A first of its kind Java RealTime game engine makes it all possible.
Space Pirate (FREE)
Description: Space Pirate is a multi-player gaming environment that requires the Shockwave plug-in and either Netscape 3.0 for the Macintosh or Windows 95, or Microsoft Internet Explorer for Windows 95 to play.
Star Nations (DEVELOPMENT)
Description:Star Nations allows you to exercise your potential as an enterpreneur, adventurer, crusader, and administrator. Not only will players have to manage their various planetary colonies and star bases, but they will also have to defend their territories and trading routes against the aggressions of others. Both AI-based and real live opponents. Star Nations lets you create your own galaxy-spanning star nation, and will challenge you to exercise your full potential as a star-crushing crusader, megalomaniac, galactic trading tycoon, or futuristic peace-keeper!
Stellar Empire ($$$)
Description: Explore, colonize and defend your own galactic empire in Stellar Emperor.
Terra 2120 (BETA)
Description: Terra 2120 is a 3D game played over the Internet. It's a world that is constantly evolving through the actions and decisions of the players. Terra doesn't go away when you stop playing. Your land can be taken, your money stolen, your weapons destroyed. New castles, weapons and clans may appear, and old ones disappear.
Total War ($$$)
Description: Total War is 2AM's abstract wargame that takes part in various parts of the world.
Webstrike (BETA)
Description: Webstrike, a real-time tactical wargame written entirely in Java! Webstrike has been tested successfully with Netscape 3.0 and Internet Explorer 3.0. You do not need to install any software. Both single and two-player games are supported.
World Empire IV (SHAREWARE)
Description: Play on your computer or over the Internet, with human opponents or against the evil computer general 'Chip' Silicon.

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