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Here are the necessary links to take you to sites with content relating to motherboards. Click Here to see user submitted sites for this area.

ATX Form Factor
Description: This is a resource for information about the ATX form factor and vendors offering ATX products.
Description: Since there are a lot of questions about the differences between the various chips used in the IBM PC, IBM PC/XT, IBM PC/AT, IBM PS/2 and compatibles, this list, containing their CPUs and NPXs, has been compiled for the benefit of the net community.
Intel Motherboard General FAQ
Description: This doucument attempts to answer the most Frequently Asked Questions about Intel Motherboards.
Motherboard HomeWorld
Description: Find all types of motherboards at the Motherboard Homeworld! All brands, all types, all CPU's.
Motherboard Information
Description: This site has information on Motherboard Manuals, Specifications, Identifying a Motherboard, Motherboard Manufacturers.
Motherboard Ratings Survey
Description: This section is for the rating of current technology motherboards. There are 5 categories that are covered that will help rate the overall worth of each motherboard. The results are obtained from real world people, as opposed to lab technicians, this will prove much more valuable in determining how well the motherboard functions in the real world.
The Mainboard Guide
Description: This site has information on Important Considerations, Test Results, Recommendations, The Future, Motherboard Manufacturers.
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