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Here are the necessary links to take you to sites with content relating to modems. Click Here to see user submitted sites for this area.

28800-56K Modem FAQ
Description: This document provides answers to general and specific questions regarding modems.
Description: 56K.COM is the ultimate 56K modem resource: 56K Newsflashes, 56K Primer, 56K Upgrade Guide, 56K Buyer's Guide, and 56K modem init strings and drivers.
Buying Guide: Modems
Description: Reviews of the Top 5 Modems (External), Top 10 Modems (Internal), Top 10 Modems (Internal).
High Speed Modem Page
Description: PC Modem News, FAQs, Files, Tips & Tricks.
Individual Reviews of 30 Modems
Description: Reviews of 30 external modems, including modems for the MAC and PC.
Interactive ISDN Chooser
Description: Find the ISDN adapter that meets your needs with this interactive chooser. Just specify your price limit and desired features, and the list at right will indicate which adapters you should consider.
ISDN Modem Reviews
Description: Reviews of 22 ISDN modems based on speed, flexibility, price, and ease of setup.
Description: A site that has up-to-date, accurate information about modems and related technologies. It's intention is to be objective in the information that is presented on this site.
Modems and Modem Strings
Description: In this section alphabetically by manufacturer, all the modem models with possible modem initialization strings for use with a Macintosh running MacPPP - other uses will require different init strings.
Modem Fault Finder
Description: A step-by-step set of instructions that help you through modem problems.
Modem String/CCL Database
Description: A searchable database of modem control strings.
Modem Product Reviews
Description: Links to other sources of Modem reviews.
Modem Ratings Survey
Description: This section is for the rating of current technology modems. There are 5 categories that are covered that will help rate the overall worth of each Sound Card. The results are obtained from real world people, as opposed to lab technicians, this will prove much more valuable in determining how well the modem functions in the real world.
Optimizing your Modem
Description: The aim of this page is to help you set up your modem to establish the best connection it can make.

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