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Here are the necessary links to take you to sites with content relating to Hardware in general. Click Here to see user submitted sites for this area.

Build Your Own PC
Description: This site provides reliable and solid advice and step-by-step explanations, in simple terms, on how to construct a system from individual components.
Introduction to PC Hardware
Description: Various documents that cover - The CPU and Memory, The I/O Bus, Video Adapters, IDE or SCSI Disks.
PC-Clone UNIX Hardware Buyer's Guide
Description: This is your one-stop resource for information about how to buy and configure PC-clone hardware for cheap, powerful UNIX systems.
PC Mechanic
Description: A guide to all types of computer hardware in down to earth, easy to understand words.
System Optimzation
Description: PC Hardware Resources: Benchmarking, Hardware Ratings, and more.
The Computer Hardware Performanc Site
Description: Providing you with the in terms of new, up to date information relevant to computer hardware performance. For all the optimizers and benchmarkers of this planet.
The Hand-Me-Down PC
Description: This book is divided into four basic sections. The first section gives an overview of all of the parts that make up a PC. The second section of the book looks at the various tasks a PC can be called upon to fulfill. The third section addresses buying or upgrading hand-me-down PCs. The final section of the book is a hardware troubleshooting guide.
The Hardware Book
Description: Internet's largest free collection of connector pinouts and cable descriptions.
Tom's Hardware Guide
Description: This Page is designed to help and explain all the important hardware aspects of a modern Pentium/Pentium Pro machine. It should be helpful to beginners as well as to experienced computer users to make you able to understand how your computer works and how you can increase its performance.
Upgrade Guide
Description: This site covers - Ram Upgrades, Video Card Upgrades, Upgrade Basics, Hard Drive Upgrades, Sound Card Upgrades, What To Upgrade, CD Rom Upgrades, CPU Upgrades, Where To Buy, Modem Upgrades, Mother Board Upgrades.
Upgraders' Workshop
Description: This page is for everyone who dares to venture into the dark realm inside computer cases.

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