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Here are the necessary links to take you to sites with content relating to the CPU (Central Processing Unit). Click Here to see user submitted sites for this area.

Description: This site has various documents and additional resources on various aspects of the microprocessor.
Description: A document that tries to answer a lot of questions about the differences between the various chips used in the IBM PC, IBM PC/XT, IBM PC/AT, IBM PS/2 and compatibles, this list, containing their CPUs and NPXs, has been compiled for the benefit of the net community.
CPU Info Center
Description: A site that specializes on the CPU market, besides information from manufacturers there are links to professional journals and newsgroups.
Cyrix 6x86 Upgrade Advice Guide
Description: The Cyrix 6x86 Upgrade Advice Guide! was written to help others make a buying decision and avoid pitfalls when upgrading to Cyrix 6x86 processors.
Great Microprocessors of the Past & Present
Description: This list is not intended to be an exhaustive compilation of microprocessors, but rather a description of designs that are either unique or representative designs typical of the period and not necessarily the first of their kind, or the best.
High-Performance Microprocessors
Description: Contains datasheets and links to the most remarkable microprocessors.
Intel MMX Technology
Description: Intel's page of information on their MMX technology.
Intel Secrets
Description: The Intel Secrets home page is dedicated to providing information about the Intel Architecture processors. Most of the information concerns productivity enhancement, and not Intel's Secrets.
Description: This page discusses MMX technology on current CPUs.
Overclocking Information
Description: This site has a list of FAQ's, Help, and an online survey relating to overclocking.
Description: This document is a listing of answers to the most commonly asked questions on the PowerPC.
Description: The sandpile.org website is another source for pure technical 80x86 processor information.
The CPU Guide
Description: This document is a collection of information related to CPUs. You can find the latest news, features, FAQs and benchmark information for most brands of CPUs.
The Overclocker's FAQ
Description: This document answers a lot of the most frequently asked questions on Overclocking your CPU.
Unofficial AMD Page
Description: These Pages Dedicated to the AMD K6 and AMD 640 Chipset, and any other AMD news.
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Newsgroup: comp.sys.intel
Newsgroup: comp.sys.powerpc

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