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Description: Microsoft's Active Server Pages (ASP) with IIS 3.0 offer the web developer a flexible, easy to use, scaleable methods to interact with ODBC compliant databases for an Internet site or Intranet application. In this article the basic methods that are needed to interact with a database are illustrated - namely, adding, editing and deleting records.
Best and Brightest Active Server Pages
Description: This site contains links to other sites that have information and resources on ASP.
How To Track User Activity At A Web Site Using ASP
Description: It deals with using the Session Object to track what exactly a user does at a Web site. You will find this script useful if you have links on other sites (or for that matter banner ads) and need to know who's clicking what, when and from where. Part I covers the script that is responsible for logging the user activity - part II will deal with reporting.
The ASP Developers Site
Description: This is the "unauthorized" support site for Microsoft Active Server Pages. Within these pages you'll find the finest collection of ASP resources available on the Net.
Unathorized SiteBuilder
Description: This site is to help you create useful multimedia Websites using Microsoft technology, but without the hype and fluff that you'll get from other Websites.
Using/Learning ASP
Description: This is a site which will teach you about new stuff you can do with ASP, ACTIVESERVER, VBSCRIPT and how to fully utilize ASP.
Working with Active Server Pages
Description: The complete text of this 550 page book is online here.
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