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Here are the necessary links to take you to sites with content relating to Notebooks or Laptops. Click Here to see user submitted sites for this area.

Buying Guide: Notebooks
Description: PC World's listing of related articles on Notebooks, also a listing of the Top Ten Notebooks.
Fringe Ryder's Corral
Description: This page includes lots of information on laptops and their manufacturers.
Interactive Buyer's Guide
Description: If you're prepared, buying a notebook PC can be a breeze. If you're not, the experience can be more like buying a used car. Use this buying guide as your simple five-step procedure for ensuring success.
Description: A site chock full of Internet information about laptop and notebook computers, manufacturers, useful peripherals, and other laptop/notebook related sites.
Linux and X-Windows on Notebook Computers
Description: X-Notebook mini-HOWTO and other information.
Notebook Graphics and PCMCIA Chipset Survey
Description: This site has quite a large table containing information about the graphics and PCMCIA chipsets used in a large number of laptop/notebook computers.
O'Grady's PowerPage
Description: O'Grady's PowerPage has been the definitive PowerBook resource since December 1995.
PC Portables Online
Description: Each month, PC Portables Magazine, in print, offers cutting-edge reviews of the newest portable computers, products and software to make your work easier and your life more enjoyable.
Portable Computing Center
Description: This site attempts to offer most of the info you need to buy or maintain a portable computer.
The Moving Target
Description: The Moving Target covers mobile information technology including laptop, handheld and palmtop computers, PDAs, pocket organizers, and communication equipment.
The Notebook Jungle
Description: A guide to who makes what notebook for who. You might be very surprised. Also some great international laptop/notebook information.
Newsgroup: comp.sys.laptops

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