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Here are the necessary links to take you to sites with content relating to PDA's or Palmtops. Click Here to see user submitted sites for this area.

Description: Gecko is a monthly Newton Magazine.
Handheld PC Magazine
Description: The online version of the magazine Handheld PC.
Hot Pocket
Description: Everyone's guide to the world of pocket and handhelp computers.
Description: HPC.net: Software, News, Links, and More. This site contains HPC shareware, freeware, tips, products, classifieds, and a wealth of handheld PC and Windows CE information.
Mobile Computing and Communications
Description: Mobile Computing and Communications provides the latest and most extensive information about laptops, cell phones, pagers, notebooks, and other portable technology items used by the modern mobile professional.
Description: This site will help you learn more about the Apple Newton and related technologies.
Newton Reference
Description: Newton Reference is a resource for information about the Apple Newton Message Pad 120, 130, and 2000.
PDA Industry Association
Description: The PDA Industry Association is the non-profit organization dedicated to developing the PDA marketplace. They facilitate the adoption of PDA and hand-held technology through its resource center, and through on-going research, education and interaction among vendors and corporate end-users.
PDA Survey
Description: The survey was designed to find out what the owners of these devices actually use them for, and what they would like to be able to do with them in the future. The survey is very subjective, and was designed to elicit a wide range of responses.
Description: Pricing comparisons for various PDA's and accessories.
Pen-Based Computing
Description: Pen-Based Computing is a newsletter published for people who demand objective and comprehensive information about wireless, mobile computers.
Pen Computing
Description: Pen Computing Magazine is the bi-monthly print journal of pen-based and mobile computing.
Description: A comprehensive listing of resources on the net for the Newton user.
Wireless PDA Digest
Description: The Wireless PDA Digest is an moderated discussion list concerned with all things to do with wireless PDA's
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