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Here are the necessary links to take you to sites with content relating to Computer Benchmarks. Click Here to see user submitted sites for this area.

Benchmarking Methodology
Description: The major goal of the Benchmarking Methodology Working Group is to make a series of recommendations concerning the measurement of the performance characteristics of various internetworking technologies; further, these recommendations may focus on the systems or services that are built from these technologies.
Benchmarks FAQ
Description: A list of Frequently Asked Questions and their answers for the Usenet newsgroup comp.benchmarks.
CPU Info Center
Description: The CPU Info Center contains various CPU related information.
Description: The home page for SPEC, the Standards Performance Evaluation Corporation, a standards body for performance benchmarks. SPEC is an umbrella organization encompasing the efforts of the Open Systems Group (SPECint95, SPECweb96, LADDIS, etc), the High Performance Group (SPECseis96, SPECchem96), and the Graphics Performance Characterization Group (PLBwire93, Xmark93, Viewperf, etc.). The SPEC site hosts the official respository of benchmark results, as well as information about the various SPEC benchmarks and their rules.
System Optimization
Description: This site has information about system optimization of PC hardware, and benchmark comparisons for hundreds of different computer systems.
The Benchmark Gateway
Description: Contains the top 20 competitive profile benchmarks and links to other system benchmark data.
The Performance Database Server
Description: This is for Linpack, Linpack-Parallel, Linpack-Peak, BJ, Dhrystone, FFT, Fhourstone, Fib, Flops, Hanoi, Heapsort, MM, NAS Parallel Benchmarks, NSieve, Queens, Shuffle, Sim, TFFTdp.
Tom's Hardware Guide
Description: This Page is designed to help and explain all the important hardware aspects of a modern Pentium/Pentium Pro machine. It should be helpful to beginners as well as to experienced computer users to make you able to understand how your computer works and how you can increase its performance.
Ziff-Davis Benchmark Operation
Description: This is the Ziff-Davis Benchmark Operation, a division of Ziff-Davis Inc. They develop and support the publicly available, core benchmark programs that all ZD publications use.
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