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Definition: Email or Electronic mail allows you to get intouch with anyone in the world who also is connected to the internet.  Just as in regular postal mail on the internet you send mail to people at their particular address. And they can then respond to you at your email address.  With Email you can subscribe to electronic magazines and newspapers and also get the occasional junk mail.

A definite advantage of using Email instead of regular postal mail would be the speed of your message reaching your addressee. With Email your message can reach the other side of the world in a matter of minutes. Another advantage of email is that you can attach files to your messages that your addressee can use.  And the fact that you can do all this without the hassle of getting a postage stamp. You send the message when it is convenient for you and your recipient can read it when it is convient for them.

The Postal Service can not deliver mail with an inncorrect address, neither can the Internet deliver your mail without a correct address. They consist of these three parts:

A Name
This is the username of the person you are sending mail to on that particular system.
This goes after the username and signifies AT.
Users Domain Name
This is the name of the system that your recipent uses for the internet.

The address will look like this:

[email protected]

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