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Ask Dr. Internet
Description: Dr. Internet is a consortium of Internet veterans who volunteer effort and time to help others understand and use the Internet better.
Beginners Central
Description: The purpose here is to walk you through your beginning steps on the internet,  help show you how and where to find information that you can actually use instead of being overwhelmed by thousands of bits and pieces of information that you don't need.
Description: Inter-Links is an Internet navigator, resource locator, and tutorial.
Learn the Net
Description: Paradesa Media's Learn The Net, an Internet Guide and Tutorial is a free, comprehensive online resource in five languages - English, Spanish, French, Italian and German. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced cyber-surfer, you can learn how to send e-mail, join newsgroups, subscribe to mailing lists, use search engines, download files, install plug-ins, play audio and video clips and participate in online conferencing. The site examines online issues such as privacy, security, and child safety. A hyperlinked glossary of Internet terms provides a quick reference.
Life on the Internet
Description: An information site that will provide a consistently reliable starting point for your own exploration of the Internet.
Description: The mission at NETLiNKS! is to provide assistance to both those who are new to the Internet as well as those who are not. In so doing we hope to make the use of the Internet more enjoyable to visitors.
Newbies Anonymous
Description: This site is a Newcomer's Guide to the Internet.
Newbie Net
Description: NewbieNET is a Web site that offers access to the best information they can offer to new users about learning basic Internet user skills.
Newbie No More
Description: The purpose of this page: to provide information to those seeking to become net-proficient.
The Internet Help Desk
Description: The Internet Help Desk is a free service designed to offer help to both beginning and advanced Internet users. You'll find expert tools combined with advice on troubleshooting software and connection problems.

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