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Here are the necessary links to take you to sites with Multiplayer Gaming Information. Click Here to see user submitted sites for this area.

Avatar's Haven: Online Multiplayer Gaming
Description: This page provides a list of multiplayer gaming services, information on each of these services and links to the pages for these services.
Description: You have reached the Internet's newest home for Internet Gamers. A Real-Time Chat Network dedicated to your favorite Internet games. Striving to provide all of the resources needed to get you playing Multiplayer Internet games NOW !
Description: GeoSlums is a site about online gaming and things related to it. They've got Reviews, Previews, Interviews, and more all about online gaming. Plus, some news about future games and products.
Internet Gamer
Description: Internet Gamer is dedicated to On-line games that are played over This page covers game that can be played by more than 50 people at one time. Most of the games are still in developementthe Internet called MPOG (Multiplayer Online Games).
Internet MultiPlayer Games
Description: There are more than 100 games listed in these pages, and they are either
multi-player capable with a serial or LAN connection, or are designed to be played across a live network connection (e.g., MUD).
Multiplayer Database
Description: Join the Multiplayer Database now for FREE and then use it to search for Gaming opponents anywhere in the world. We now support 93 different games and 5 Gaming Networks.
Multiplayer Dot Com
Description: A multiplayer gaming resource for the Internet.
Description: The Premiere Internet Site for Multiplayer Gaming Information. Network, Multiplayer, and Internet Gaming. Downloads, Demos, Search, Used Games Zone. Free contests.
Queue's Adventures
Description: Your Grimoire for Computer Role-playing, Action and Adventures on the Web!
The Gamer's Connection
Description: This Site is for Computer Multiplayer Gamers who are looking to play with or against other WORTHY Gamers via their modem or Internet Connection. Search the Players' Database to see if there is a player in your local area & Email them today!
The Games Place - Online Gaming
Description: This is The Games Place Online Gaming Resource. This page will provide links to browser games, Java games, Shockwave games, and information about online and multiplayer gaming.
The Multiplayer Online Games Directory
Description: The games reviewed in this Directory are Multiplayer Online Games (MPOG). This means that they are played while connected to the Internet. The Directory has tried to focus on the games that are playable to everyone with Internet access.
The MUD Resource Collection
Description: The MUD Resource Collection is a list of links to many useful sources of MUD information. The links should be of interest to both "normal" users of MUDs, as well as to researchers studying MUDs and related forms of computer-mediated communications.
The Souls of Chaos
Description: A group of alpha/beta game testers with information and resources for their members.

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